Snow Hill Photoshoot with Soren Lewis Muller

As part of the series of photoshoots I am doing around Birmingham City Centre, I met up with model Soren Lewis Muller, who had the right look for a corporate style photoshoot, around the offices at Snow Hill.

This has been the second photoshoot in Birmingham city where the weather has been very kind to me. The sun was was shining nicely, to allow some great natural light photos to be taken.

I took Soren to the top floor of the car park of the train station. He had never done a photoshoot at this location but he was really happy with the setting and its surroundings.

It gave me a chance to redeem myself from the first photoshoot I did at this car park, which took place around this time last year. The photos didn’t turn so well, but I was still learning at that time.

Towards the end of the photoshoot, we opted for a casual look, but this time doing the photoshoot at the other end of the car park.

Time ran out for both of us to do anything more, but I intend to work with Soren again someday. Check out his Instagram here. I highly recommend working with him.